Laser welding machine

The machine is supplied with all the necessary know-how and support. Complete laser welding machine with safety cabin to produce pillow plates. The general function of the laser welding machine is the perfect clamping of the plates and automatic laser welding of the requested heat exchanger pattern to produce the pillow plate.

  • High Efficiency
  • Fiber Laser
  • Dual Laser Head Technology
  • Easy to Use

The basic principle is moving the plates with steps through the clamping device and weld each slice, after all slices the laser welded pillow plate heat exchanger is ready. The machine is built around the best available IPG laser welding power source. The laser has an high efficiency and extreme low maintenance. The software to generate the machine programs offline is delivered with the machine.

Laser Welding Specialists – Haaksbergen, The Netherlands

The machine program is automatically generated from a pillow plate CAD drawing after specifying the welding parameters. This is a very quick and easy to learn process. The realization of the welding paths in the machine program is provided by a XYZ-system with full CNC control. In case of 2 laser heads, both heads can independently weld. Welding and backing gasses for a good laser welding quality are turned on and off by the machine program. A cooling bar delivered with a Laser Welding Specialists machine performs excellent for bottom plates with foil.

The operator control of the machine is made with an easy to use Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI of the machine is controlled by mouse and normal keyboard and/or touch screen.

The operator does not require any knowledge of CNC language. The operator controls the machine during production on product level and not path level. This means all the corrections and input is given to the machine interface on a high level and not in the machine program e.g. CNC-code. Corrections during welding can be: transport speed (step increment), side position correction of the pattern, change of laser head(s), re-welding of welds. Before or during the plate production the operator can still select or change the used laser heads, 1 or 2 or both. No reprogramming is necessary. With the CAD to machine program conversion the laser welding machine can weld any desired welding pattern.

Skala Fabrikk, Norway

Delivery of a Laser Welding Specialists Machine comes standard with education, training and production start-up. Laser Welding Specialists stands for quality and excellent service worldwide!

Specials on request.

Easy operation

  • Machine programs are made very quick from the CAD drawing (2 minutes)
  • The generation software checks for CAD errors
  • No knowledge of CNC / NC language is necessary for the operator
  • Easy to operate touchscreen machine interface
  • Everyone in a workshop can operate the machine!


The machine is certified according the applicable laser safety standard and delivery is with a CE declaration, operating manual and other machine documentation.