Laser Welding Specialists Machine


Laser Welding Specialists manufactures complete single or dual head pillow plate fiber laser welding systems for laser welding pillow plates for Tanks and Register plates. The Laser Welding Specialists Machine is built around the best available Fiber laser. The laser has an high energy efficiency, extreme low maintenance and 3 years laser warranty. The fiber laser welds are perfect for the pillow plate application. Delivery of the machine is with a software generating program from CAD drawing to machine program.

The pillow plate machine has a hydraulic clamping unit and CNC controlled XYZ-systems to move the optical head. The pillow plate machine is built to perform and can be placed on every normal flat factory floor.

Laser Welding Specialists stands for quality and excellent worldwide service.

Why Laser Welding Specialists

Main advantages for own pillow plate production

  • High flexibility in design of pillowplates, as well as pillowplated tank bottoms and walls
  • Control of your own production, schedule and no longer dependent on lead times and market prices for pillow plates
  • Possibility for jobbing: production for other companies